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Easyjet are rising above its rivals Ryanair and British Airways

After reading an interesting article in the Telegraph about how Easyjet are looking to rise above rivals - which in this case are Ryan Air and British Airways.

As we all know Ryanair cancelled so many flights last year, which they put down to messing up on pilot holidays. However, it is known that they fell victim to the loss of pilots to Norwegian Airways.

This fiasco knocked £500 million off their share price and they treated customers 'like idiots', as reported in the Guardian who posted about some Facebook comments.

Then their was the IT problems at British Airways too.

However, Easyjet seem to be clear of these types of problem.

It would be good to hear about how you were affected by any of this, but more importantly, I'd like to hear your thoughts on which of these three airlines is your favourite.

BA always claimed to be the worlds favourite airline, but is that still the case?

Is it Easyjet?

Is it Ryanair?

Or is it British Airways?

Or none of the above?