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BA pilot arrested by armed police for being 'drunk' on board Gatwick flight (But still manage to keep the flight delay to a minimum)

British Airways pilot was arrested before takeoff on suspicion of being drunk!

The plane was due to take off at 8:20pm - The flight was bound for Mauritius.

But of course this disruption caused the flight to be delayed. The flight was delayed until a replacement pilot was found and finally took off at 10:56pm.

Whilst BA looked for the replacement pilot, passengers were left waiting at the gate.

The plane arrived in Mauritius 2:07pm local time, which was just under 2 hours later than the scheduled time of arrival. So well done to British Airways for getting the replacement pilot, and getting the plane with its passengers in Mauritius with less than a 2 hour delay!

Had the flight been late, then passengers may have been able to claim flight delay compensation from BA. The rules in this case would have applied, as follows:

  • The flight departed from the UK (i.e. an EU airport).
  • The delay would be regarded as the fault of British Airways.
  • The compensation would have been either €300 or €600, as the distance was more than 3,500 kilometres. To get the full €600 flight delay compensation, the BA flight must have arrived more than 4 hours late.
  • The claim would have been within the last 6 years.

However, as BA managed to get their flight to Mauritius in under 2 hours, no compensation is due. I think most people will agree that it's much better to get to your destination on time or slightly late than very late and then have to start dealing with compensation claims.

I first saw this article when having a coffee in a local store in The Sun Newspapers, so will credit them with the link for you to read more about the delay and what happened on the day: Armed police hauled a pilot off a British Airways flight moments before takeoff fearing he was drunk.